Student Scholarships


Awards for Students

We are committed to providing students with opportunities to continue their recognizing student achievement and promoting language proficiency in the studies of Spanish and Portuguese. To this end, the AATSP Exams (NSE) offers the following scholarships and awards to its students that have taken the National Spanish Exam (NSE), National Portuguese Exam (NPE), or the National Spanish Challenge (NSC) in the current academic year.

KCB Global Citizen Scholarship

Language Immersion Programs

Junior Travel Abroad Scholarship

Cultural Immersion Program

Senior Scholarship

Monetary Prize for College

The AATSP Exams Senior Scholarship awards monetary prizes to qualifying high school graduates to aid in their college or university expenses. Students who have placed Gold, Silver, or Bronze in the NSE or NPE in their junior year, and are registered to take either of these exams in their senior year are encouraged to apply.
• Open to: High School Seniors
• Applications Open: October 2, 2023
• Applications Due: May 3, 2024


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