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Terms and Conditions


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The information, material and content provided in the pages of the website may be changed at any time without notice. You agree to review these terms and conditions regularly and your continued access to and use of this website will mean that you agree to changes.


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Cost of NSE, NPE, & NSC

There are two (2) mandatory costs associated with giving the National Spanish Examination, National Portuguese Examination, and/or National Spanish Challenge:

(1) cost per Teacher and (2) cost per Student.


AATSP members do not have to pay the $75 per teacher cost, as giving the any of the national examinations is a benefit of AATSP membership.

There is a $75 cost to each teacher administering any of the AATSP Exams. This cost covers administrative expenses associated with each teacher regardless of the number of exams he/she administers such as: mailings, results, etc. Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes, and must enroll them for the level of exam which matches the course they are currently enrolled.

Note: To ensure that students are enrolled in the registering teacher’s class at the correct level, the AATSP Exams office reserves the right to request that each participating teacher submit an official class list signed by an administrator.


Each school pays a fee per examination to AATSP Exams (NSE).  Student recognition is funded through this fee! 

The flat fee of $5 includes:

  • One (1) Online Examination
  • Unlimited year long use of the free, online practice examinations
  • Seven (7) sets of percentiles for each student
  • A personalized report for each student listing percentages for all learner outcomes
  • National recognition
  • Actual medals for Gold, Silver, and Bronze place winners
  • Printable certificates for students who earn medal placement
  • Eligibility to compete for Global Citizen Scholarships, Junior Travel Awards and Senior Scholarships


Schools requiring additional forms (such as vendor packets, affidavits, notarized or other legal documents) will be charged an additional processing fee. The amount of the processing fee is determined by the complexity of the documentation required and is generally between $25 and $50.

The AATSP is a Non-Profit Organization. Once all operating expenses have been paid, all funds are returned to the students in the form of prizes and scholarships. The AATSP Exams (NSE) office cannot absorb of the cost of completing additional documentation required by some school districts.

All AATSP Exams invoices must be paid on time. Schools requiring extra time to process such documentation need to register with ample time in order for payment to be made before the deadline. If payment deadlines are not met, then applicable late fees will be charged and students may not receive their prizes.


The AATSP Exams (NSE) office cannot grant extensions past the exam administration deadline.

The exam administration periods typically last well over four weeks, and are communicated over four months in advance. We encourage teachers to organize their own calendars in order to make the time to administer the exam within the exam administration windows, as we do not grant extensions. Our office does not issue refunds for unused seats/exams.

Refund Policy


Once a teacher submits their registration or updated registration to Lingco Language Labs, the company that hosts AATSP Exam’s online exams, the teacher is obligated to pay for the students registered. Lingco Language Labs automatically charges the AATSP Exams office a fee to set up that teacher’s online account. Because the AATSP is a non-profit organization, we cannot absorb the cost of allowing deletions, partial deletions or of issuing refunds.


No refunds will be issued for any products since, once these products have reached the consumer, they can be easily copied or duplicated.

Delivery Policy


Students and teachers create their own usernames and passwords for all examinations upon online registration on Lingco Language Labs. AATSP Exams (NSE) does not have access to student and/or teacher username or password data. Secret codes for examination are accessible on teachers’ Lingco Language Labs account, and are also delivered to registered teachers before examination time.


All products ordered through the AATSP Exams (NSE) website are shipped within 5 business days after payment is received.

Privacy Policy



Examination Policy


All results generated from the AATSP Exams (NSE) remain private. AATSP Exams only releases test results for a particular student to the individual or school that registered that student. Due to privacy requests, the AATSP Exams is no longer publishing winning students’ names on its website.


  • Taking the same test/level more than one time for any reason.
  • Resetting a test for any reason without explicit permission.
  • Changing examination levels after the part of the exam has already been administered.
  • Translation of pages/questions of any means.
  • Adding time to the test without authorization (I.E. filling out the special needs forms).
  • Use of aids during testing, such as notes, cell phones, charts, or posters.
  • Errors in category declarations.
  • Lack of proctor.