Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

What are these examinations?

The National Spanish Exam, National Spanish Challenge and National Portuguese Exam are motivational contests to recognize student achievements in the studies of Spanish & Portuguese and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish & Portuguese. 

How valid are the exams?

AATSP Exams (NSE) recognizes that test reliability is defined as the degree to which the test gives consistent results each time it is given.

Reliability answers the following questions:

  1. Can I depend on the test to measure the same outcomes consistently?
  2. Given all the other variables being the same, will the test produce the same results again?

What is the difference between the NSE and other exams?

Where are the NSE Chapters?

NSE Chapters are no longer active.

Are the exams still on Quia?

We no longer support Quia.

Can I start an SHH Chapter at my school?

How can I get a copy of my past scores?

We do not send scores or report cards to students or parents. If you are a parent, student, or graduate who would like like a copy of a past score (eg. for a college application), please contact the school first, and have them reach out to us at [email protected] for security and verification purposes.


How do I renew my AATSP membership?

How do I submit payment for an exam?

Can I pay for multiple invoices at once?

Yes! Once you click the Pay for Registration button, you will be re-directed to a secure payment page hosted by

• First, enter the full amount that you will be processing.
• Then, simply enter all of the invoice numbers that you will be paying for separated by a comma in the Invoice Number field.

For example:

Where can I mail a check?

Checks can be made payable to AATSP or National Spanish Examinations.

Our mailing address is:

AATSP – National Spanish Examinations
160 Rail Road
Suite 3
Chesterton, IN 46304

I think I paid but I don’t remember, what can I do?

What is an invoice number?

For Example: Look for your invoice number at the top right corner of the invoice that you received attached to your confirmation email.

I can’t find my invoice.

Invoices are emailed automatically

Check your inbox and/or your spam folder. Once you have completed a registration on Lingco Language Labs, you will receive an email confirmation from [email protected] with an attached invoice.

How to download a copy of your invoice

Alternatively, you may follow these steps to download a copy of your invoice(s):

2. Click on the exam icon on the left (whether it’s National Spanish Exams, or National Spanish Challenge, or National Spanish Assessment, or National Portuguese Exam).

3. Click on “Order More Seats”.

4. Scroll down to the end of the page to find your Order History.

Did you follow these steps but can’t find the icons on the left? Try zooming out of your screen by clicking CTRL- on a PC or CMD- on Mac.

Am I required to pay for a seat that I didn’t use?

Do you take purchase orders as payment?

We do not accept purchase orders as payment. Your school may send a check to:

AATSP – National Spanish Examinations

160 Rail Road

Suite 3

Chesterton, IN 46304

How can I redeem a Gift Certificate?

What is the deadline for payment?

What are the late fees?

Can I get a refund for seats that I did not use?

The AATSP Exams (NSE) office does not issue refunds for unused seats/exams.

The exam administration periods typically last well over four weeks, and are communicated over four months in advance. We encourage teachers to organize their own calendars in order to make the time to administer the exam within the exam administration windows, as we do not grant extensions.

Exam Proctoring

Can I get access to past exams?

What is the process to register for an exam?

Registration for the NSE, NSC, and NPE typically begins on November 1st. The process begins with a formal seat registration through Lingco Language Labs, followed by seat assignment and subsequent exam administration during the examination period. Individual scores are available immediately on teachers’ Gradebooks, and national percentile rankings for the NSE and NPE are released sometime after exam time has ended (results date will vary).

When are the exams administered?

Exact dates vary every year, typically between late Winter and early Spring. Because some schools offer Winter breaks and/or Spring breaks, we strongly recommend that administrators and proctors plan their examination events by checking our website and consulting their calendars well ahead of time.

Who can administer an exam?

An appropriate proctor is generally the teacher of record who has registered the participating students.

Can students register themselves for an exam?

No. Students attempting to register themselves for an exam risk disqualification. Please encourage your teacher to visit our website to learn more about AATSP Exams (NSE).

Can homeschoolers take an exam?

What about special needs and accommodations?

What is prohibited during an exam?

During the administration of the National Examinations, the use of scrap paper, notes (online or written), a dictionary, online translator, cell phones and any similar device is strictly prohibited.

Visual aids must be completely covered or removed from walls / bulletin boards during testing, for example:

– Charts 

– Posters 

– Diagrams

– Use of translation services (such as Google Translate)

The use of any such aids will result in disqualification of the student’s score.

How can I disable translation features?

All schools administering any of the AATSP Exams must disable the translation features through the browsers that will be used to administer the test. Instructions are as follows: 

For Google Chrome: 

1) Open Google Chrome on the device. 

2) In the top right, click the menu icon (three dots in a vertical column) and select Settings. 

3) Scroll to the bottom and click Advanced. 

4) Under the ‘Languages’ menu, click Language. 

5) Turn off the setting next to ‘Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read’. 

For Microsoft Edge (latest version only): 

1) Open Microsoft Edge on the device. 

2) In the top right, click the menu icon (three dots in a horizontal column) and select Settings. 

3) On the left side, click the ‘Languages’ tab. 

4) On the right side, turn off the setting next to ‘Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read’.

Can I get an exam extension (past the deadline)?

The AATSP Exams (NSE) office cannot grant extensions past the exam administration deadline, without exception.

The exam administration periods typically last well over four weeks, and are communicated over four months in advance. We encourage teachers to organize their own calendars in order to make the time to administer the exam within the exam administration windows, as we do not grant extensions. Our office does not issue refunds for unused seats/exams.

Technical Requirements

What is required to administer the exams?

AATSP Exams (NSE) has contracted with Lingco Language Labs to deliver practice exams and the online exam. In order to take the exam, each student must have use of a unique email address and a personal computer that has access to the Internet.

Each computer station should have:

  • Sound in order to complete the listening sections of the exam.
  • A set of headphones so that students may hear the audio portion of the exam. (If schools do not have enough headphones, ask students to bring headphones which should work with most computer systems.)
  • A browser that does not automatically translate the page.

What are the system requirements?

Each teacher should share the system requirements for the computer technician(s) in their school to ensure that all software and hardware components are adequately compatible. 

Lingco is a modern web-based application that works best with the latest version of Google Chrome, running on a laptop or desktop computer (either Mac, PC or Chromebook).  It should also work on the last two versions of Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, but Chrome is highly recommended. The activities used in the suite of the AATSP Exams courses are designed for larger screens. Mobile devices or tablets at this time cannot be supported.

In order to take the exams on Lingco, you will need:

  • A stable internet connection with at least 4 Mbps download and 512 Kbps upload speeds
  • A screen size of at least 1280×720 pixels
  • Functioning speakers or headphones connected to your laptop or desktop

Firewalls & VPNs

Tablets and mobile devices

The activities used in the suite of the NSE exam courses are designed for larger screens.

Although tablets and mobile devices are technically not supported, we at the AATSP Exams (NSE) Office have attempted to use devices like iPads in practice testing efforts and we have been able to successfully use those devices. Please make sure your operating system is up to date.

Our best recommendation is to test our free Lingco practice with your students to find out if it works on the device(s) your school offers at this time. If you are successful with the practice, you should be successful with proctoring/taking our Exams on Lingco.

Privacy policies and technology usage in classrooms

To request a privacy agreement, please email: [email protected]

Special circumstances

Schools having an insufficient number of computers to administer exams to all students at once may administer the exam to a small number of students over a longer period of time.

Schools with insufficient hardware or software requirements can choose to administer the exam in another location. Where possible, schools should arrange for their own alternative site. If necessary, contact the national office and we will be happy to help these schools find an alternative location.

Integrating Lingco with other e-learning platforms

What if my students don’t have e-mail addresses?

A unique, valid email address is required for students to sign up and take the exam. Students will need to have access to this email.

If your students don’t have email addresses, there are three options:

What if I don’t understand all of this technology?

Please reach out to your school or school district’s IT department or administrator for help with integrations, firewalls, and other technical issues.

I can’t see the Lingco page / I am not receiving any emails from you.

You will be receiving emails from AATSP Exams and Lingco Language Labs. In order to make sure that you receive our emails, invoices, notifications, and other important correspondence, contact your IT administrator about whitelisting and

Do I need to add the Free Practice in order to give an exam?

Teachers do not need to sign up for Practice in order to administer any of our exams. Practice modules will now be automatically included with exam registrations (including the NSA, NSE, NSC, and NPE), making the FREE PREP an optional tool for teachers.

Medals and Scores

How do students earn medals?

Where are my students’ scores?

Student individual (“raw”) scores are available immediately on teachers’ Gradebooks in their Lingco Language Labs account. Individual scores show how well a student performed on the exam.

Does a good score mean that my student will get a medal?

Individual scores (in teachers’ Gradebooks) show how well a student performed on the exam individually. However, these scores do not predict how well your student will rank at the national level.

How do I know if my student has won a medal?

Can I estimate if my student won a medal based on past data?

National percentile rankings are based on how well students performed across the United States. The best way to know if your student has won a medal is to wait until all results have been evaluated.

What do the Report Cards mean?

How can I get my child’s Report Card?

Due to federal privacy regulations, the AATSP Exams (NSE) office is unable to disclose student information to parents. Please reach out to your child’s school or teacher to have access to your child’s report card. We do not send copies of student report cards to parents.

When do medals arrive?

Gold, silver, and bronze medals are included in the price of the exam. Shortly after national percentile ranking results are made available to teachers, medals are shipped directly to schools in a package addressed to one teacher for those students who have earned them. Because medals are shipped from multiple locations, delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from the national results date (eg. May 3rd, 2024).

Note: Make sure to enter the appropriate school name and address, with correct spelling, when you register in Lingco to help advance your medal shipments.

When do ribbons arrive?

National Spanish Challenge (NSC) students earn ribbons based on their individual scores. Ribbons are sent from the NSE office shortly after testing time has ended.

What about Honorable Mention medals?

What is the NSE Store?

Lingco Help

Where are the practice exams?

Practice exams are now bundled with exam modules.

How do I add my students to Lingco?

What if my students don’t have email addresses?

A unique, valid email address is required for students to sign up and take the exam. If your students don’t have email addresses, here are some options:

My students are seeing a “Category error” and can’t log on to Lingco.

Log in to your Lingco account and access the Roster. Select your student’s name or email address by clicking on the bubble on the left and Assign a Seat for your student. Assigning means that you are certain that your student will be taking this test.

Note: In national competitions such as the NSE and NPE, the instructor will place the student in the appropriate competition category during seat assignment (the NSA and NSC do not have category options).

Once the student has been assigned a seat, ask the student to refresh their page.

To avoid this issue altogether: We recommend using email invitations when adding your students to your Roster, followed by a quick category assignment, before your students attempt to log on to Lingco.

What is a “seat”?

A “seat” is an official space, like a theatre entrance ticket, to sit for an exam. Instructors purchase seats on Lingco and distribute them to their students by inviting them to their exam Rosters.

How do I move my student to a different Level in the NSA?

My students aren’t getting the email invitation.

• Ask students to check their spam mail.

I am not getting any emails from Lingco or the NSE team.

My school is blocking Lingco.

What do Instructors do on the day of the exam?

Exam-Day Checklist
  1. Log into Lingco ( and use the login credentials created during the registration process.
  2. Click on the Courses button, or the NSE icon on the left sidebar.
  3. Select the course related to the exam you’ll be administering (Level 1, Level 2, etc.)
  4. Click on the Modules link (right side of the page)
  5. Select the 2023 Exam module (left side of the page)
  6. Select the section you’ll be administering (Achievement or Performance)
  7. Click the Availability panel on the right side
  8. Locate the Secret Code. You’ll be giving this to your students shortly.
  9. Walk your students through Steps 1-7 above. They will need to follow those exact same steps on their own computer.
  10. Give your students the Secret Code from step 8. They’ll need to enter this into the text input on their screen.
  11. Tell your students to click the Start Assignment button on their screen. That will start each student’s timer.
  12. Now you can navigate to the Submission page and refresh periodically if you’d like to monitor your student’s progress.
  13. For more information, access the NSE Exam Administration Guide.

Need more help? Click on the purple question mark button to start a Live Chat with Lingco tech support.

Where are the secret codes?

What will Students do on the day of the exam?

Students will log in to their Lingco accounts, access the exam, and wait for instructions. A secret code (or password) will be required to begin the exam. This code can be found in instructors’ Lingco accounts.

What if we have computer or Wi-fi issues during the exam?

If you encounter any technical or personal issues during the exam, contact Lingco tech support right away by clicking the question mark button on the bottom-right corner of the screen to start a Live Chat.

If you need to request a re-take due to extenuating circumstances, please email the AATSP Exams (NSE) office as soon as possible at: [email protected].