Individualized Testing Plans


Students are eligible to take the National Spanish Exam and/or National Portuguese Exam provided that:

  1. Arrangements for the student(s) to take the exam under the supervision of a sponsoring Spanish/Portuguese teacher can be made. (The sponsoring Spanish/Portuguese must teach in an accredited institution who regularly administers the NSE/NPE and has a current AATSP membership).
  2. Each student taking the exam at the sponsoring school is adequately proctored.

These requirements ensure that no one can challenge the integrity of the National Spanish Exam nor the National Portuguese Exam. 

Sponsoring Teacher

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student to find a sponsoring teacher in an accredited institution (also known as the “sponsoring school”).

Registration Form

  • The Parent/Guardian/Student should first fill out the Individualized Student Testing Plan Form
  • The NSE can send a list of potential schools where a proctor can be found if necessary.
  • Once a proctor has been found – the student can be registered based on the proctor.

The deadline for Individualized Student Testing Plan registration is December 15, 2023.


You may be interested to know that all students are eligible for our non-contest version of the National Spanish Exam called the National Spanish Assessment (NSA).  Students are not required to locate a sponsoring teacher and you can register and proctor the exam to your student on your own. 

To register a student for the NSA, you must be a member of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), our parent organization. Then you will become eligible to register your student for the NSA. The NSA can be given up to three times between August and June and the fees are slightly reduced since this is a non-contest proficiency exam.

AATSP Exams Pilot Program: Title 1 Schools

In alignment with the mission and purpose of AATSP Exams, a pilot program is being launched for the 2022-2023 academic year:

If your school meets the qualification requirements for Title 1 assistance and you wish to give your students the opportunity to partake in one or more of the NSE’s national competitions (National Spanish Exam, National Portuguese Exam, and/or National Spanish Challenge), you may be eligible for this pilot program. 

*Thank you for your interest, the pilot program is no longer accepting submissions for the 2022-23 cycle.*

If you have already submitted an interest form, please check your email for correspondence from an AATSP Exams Staff member.