NSE Response to Coronavirus

The test window for the National Spanish and Portuguese Exams has been extended through May 15 (possibly longer if the situation warrants it) to accommodate students whose schools’ normal schedules have been disrupted. Teachers may also choose from one of two test at home options as outlined in the document Test Administration During School Closures.  As always, teachers may continue to test in the classrooms if they are still in session or when they return to classes.


The Test Development Committee has also created some Virtual Lesson Plans for teachers to use both to prepare for the National Spanish Exam and to support other learning objectives in their courses.  We encourage teachers to use these resources, as many of you may be teaching online for an extended period of time.

Quick Video Help Links

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What happens if the student needs an additional attempt to take the exam?


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NSE Announces an Additional Option for Testing

Beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year, NSE will provide two options to teachers as follows:

  1. NSE – National Spanish Examinations
    All registration and test administration procedures will remain unchanged from 2019.
  3. NSA – National Spanish Assessments
    AATSP announces a new series of examinations called the National Spanish Assessments.
    The National Spanish Assessments (NSA) are the non-contest version of the NSE.  The NSA is valid assessment tool written from the same specifications and standards as the National Spanish Examinations.
  • Registration and testing can take place throughout the academic year.
  • The cost of the NSA is $3 per student.
  • Each of the four modules (Interpretive Reading, Interpretive Listening, Vocabulary, and Grammar) can be administered separately.
  • Each of the four modules can be administered twice and at different points in the year to show growth.
  • The NSA is not part of the NSE contest, and there are no prizes nor scholarships.
  • Results are available immediately through the teacher’s Quia account.
  • Results are provided in points and percentages, not in percentiles.

 Click here for a comparison between the NSE and the NSA.