National Statistics



AATSP Exams (NSE) publishes National Average scores and National Percentile charts a few weeks after the exam cycle has closed.

AATSP Exams awards medals to students based on percentile ranking. National Averages display how students scored overall on the most recent National Spanish Exam, while National Percentile charts are used to convert raw scores for the National Spanish Exam into a National Percentile score.

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National Average Scores

Click on the links below to discover the national averages for past National Spanish Exams.
Averages are available for all measurement categories (vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, achievement, and proficiency) for the Classroom Experience (formerly Regular), Outside Experience and Bilingual categories.


National Percentile Charts

  • 2024
  • 2023
  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016

2023 National Percentiles

LevelAll Categories*
Level 01National Percentiles (2023)
Level 1National Percentiles (2023)
Level 2National Percentiles (2023)
Level 3National Percentiles (2023)
Level 4National Percentiles (2023)
Level 5National Percentiles (2023)
Level 6National Percentiles (2023)

*Note: Percentile charts for the Classroom Experience, Outside Experience, and Bilingual categories are included within the documents according to their respective Levels.


How It Works

At the national level, the NSE is scored using both raw scores and percentiles. When results become available, teachers are able to download their students’ results and their report cards. Results include a list of students and their respective raw scores, percentile rankings, and the medals they are eligible for.

Raw Scores (white column) – The number of points received for questions answered correctly.

National Percentiles (grey column) – This score indicates the performance of a student in relationship to the performance of other students nationwide, specifically those in the same
level and category.

What’s The Difference?
Percentage and percentile are two different concepts. While the percentage shows the individual score out of 100, the percentile shows a comparison. Percentage tells us the value in terms of 100, and percentile is a relative quantity that shows us a comparison of the given value with the rest of the data which is lesser than the given specific value.

For example, if a student scores 43 points out of a weight of 60, then their percentage is expressed as 72%. On the other hand, if the student’s percentile in an examination is given as 75, this means that they scored better than 75% of the students who sat for the exam in the same year, level, and category.

What It Means
When a student sits for the National Spanish Exam (NSE) and/or National Portuguese Exam (NPE) they are testing their skills in the language and also competing against other students within their level and category.

Percentiles show where the student ranks nationally compared to all of the students who also sat for the NSE/NPE in that same year, level, and category. For example, if a Level 3 student in the Classroom Experience category receives a percentile of 84, this indicates that the student answered more test items correctly than 84% of Level 3 students in the Classroom Experience category nationwide.