Register for the NSC


For: Elementary to Middle School Students

Registration for the 2024 National Spanish Challenge (NSC) Is Now Closed.


NSC Registration Process

  • Requirements
  • Registration
  • Roster
  • Review
  • Results
  • Reward
  • Payment

Getting Ready

Register for the NSC

Registration Tips:

You may be prompted to create an account. Please keep your username (or email address) and password information safe so that you don’t forget it later. Already have an account? Use the login details that you created in the past to access your account again for the new academic year.

Course codes embed automatically on the page. You do not need to enter a code. Please wait or reload the page if it doesn’t appear right away.

Please use accurate information and proper spelling for the teacher’s name, school name, and school address. Note: If you encounter a No School Found error, enter your school’s website address.

Enter the number of seats (or spaces) that you will need for your students. You will be able to invite your students into the platform later.

Select the Levels that you would like to work with. There is no additional charge for selecting all of the Levels at once.

Invite Your Students


Access the National Spanish Challenge (NSC) section on the platform.

Click on the Roster section.

Invite your students to your Roster via email.

Select your students’ names on the list and assign them a seat on that Level.

This is a preview of an empty Roster. No students have been enrolled yet.

Need more help? Click on the purple question mark icon on the bottom-right hand corner of your screen to start a Live Chat with tech support.

Review Your Plans

We recommend going over the platform to make sure you have everything you need. Take a look at the tips below:

Confirm that you are indeed registered to the NSC:

Click on the National Exams icon on the left to access your global NSC options. In this section, you will find:

Check up on each Roster to make sure that your students are assigned correctly:

Seat Assignments

A confirmed Seat Assignment will be required in order for students to access the material. Seat assignments are a way to confirm that your student will be taking the exam pertaining to that Level. To assign a seat, click on the bubble icon next to their email address and select “Assign Seat”.

Need help? Click the question mark button at the bottom-right corner of the screen to start a Live Chat with tech support.

Take a look at the material that is available for you:

Live Chat

Need help? Click on the purple question mark icon on the bottom-right hand corner of your screen to start a Live Chat with tech support.


Certificate of Completion


Invoicing and Payment

An invoice for payment will be emailed to you directly from Lingco Language Labs <[email protected]>. Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it right away.

How to Pay for Your Seats
Your invoice will include a unique Invoice # that will be required to complete your payment. You may download the file, print it, or forward the email to your school’s accounting department.

Divisions and Specifications

Looking for help with Division placement and exam specifications? Click the button for more information on how to place students by Division, Ribbons, and more.