Global Citizen 2023 – A Virtual Quest

This year, six KCB Virtual Global Citizen winners from Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kansas and Indiana who are studying in grades ranging from 8-11 participated in a week of fun and interactive sessions with United Planet. During their Virtual Quest, the students got the chance to practice their Spanish while learning about the countries and cultures of our Central and South American neighbors.

The Virtual Quest

July 24th – 29th, 2023

The activities take place from the comfort of the students’ own homes and are conducted via Zoom meeting. A typical day in a virtual quest begins with a morning welcome and a group activity, followed by Language Learning Groups, break time, Whole Group Activities, and a daily wrap-up. The 2023 Virtual Quest Week broke down as follows:

Day One – Welcome!

Students were divided into groups to participate in Spanish interactive games to learn about Costa Rica, and about different greetings in Ecuador through karaoke. Then, they engaged in a whole group cooking workshop that was guided in Spanish and featured a recipe from Peru. Yum!

Day Two

Day Three

Students were divided into groups to learn about the history and culture of the Chane community in Argentina with a mask-making activity, and learn about the origins of the Mexican piñata and how to make a real piñata a home. After their break, the students engaged in a whole group activity to make a Monigote (doll) or better known in Ecuador as an Año Viejo.

Day Four

Students were divided into groups to learn how to make a Columbian twisted wire bracelet. They also learned about the history of Mexican norteño band music – and how to dance it! After break, they participated in a whole group activity to learn about the history and culture of the Argentine barbecue, focusing on how to make typical Argentinean sauces used in Asado Argentino.

Day Five

Day Six

Final Thoughts

Students who participate in our scholarships are encouraged to keep a journal and required to submit a reflection on their experiences.

Student Natalie shared :

Este campamento fue muy beneficioso. Aprendí sobre otros países hispanos y sus culturas. Tuve la oportunidad de practicar mi español y aprender nuevo vocabulario. Disfruté mucho las actividades que hicimos cada día. Conocí estudiantes de otros estados de los Estados Unidos y también de otros países con quienes espero mantener contacto. Mi parte favorita fue cuando interactuamos con un grupo de niños de Perú. Ellos nos invitaron a visitar su país y probar los platos típicos. También me gustó el viaje virtual que hicimos de Costa Rica. Apreciamos la naturaleza y sus bellos paisajes. En resumen, fue una experiencia educativa muy agradable e informativa. Es definitivamente una oportunidad que recomiendo a todos los estudiantes que tengan la posibilidad de participar.


¡Todos a una! Todos por um!