Meet Our 2024 Teacher Travel Scholarship Winner

Kehaulani White, Department Head of Spanish at Mililani High School, shared with us that “The students, counseling and administrative staff view “Profe T” as a very approachable and caring teacher who will often give up her lunches, recesses and afterschool time to help them if needed. Mrs. Kimberly Tangaro is very supportive of her students and is always teaching with their hearts, well-being, and academic progress in mind. “Profe T” has been very appreciated for her teaching style, one that resonates well with faculty and students alike. Her instructional methods place importance on strategizing the constant use of CONTEXT via authentic and engaging real world articles, stories and film.”

Little by little the partnership has been growing between Mililani High School and the Pulsera Project. It would be a dream come true for me to see and meet the students and teacher(s) in Guatemala who receive our children’s books should that be possible through this July 2024 trip. The heart of Mililani High School’s Spanish department is to make and sustain positive relationships between our school and students with schools and students of the Spanish-speaking world. Thank you for considering me and my school and community who I represent for this amazing teacher travel opportunity! ¡Todos a una!”

Mahalo, Profe T, for everything you do for your school and your students!

¡Todos a una! Todos por um!