Teacher Blog: AATSP Conference Stipend Winner 2023

Travel Log

Day One

June 26, 2023

Pre-K – 8: Early Language Networking Unconference
We reviewed early language ideas & curricula in small groups. One idea I hope to implement is: PBSlearningmedia.org – “Arte y más”.

Joint Opening Session and Keynote
• Executive Director AATSP Sheri Spaine Long welcomed and reminded us of the joyful, historic, and significant 105th AATSP Congresso Internacional in Salamanca – home of the oldest University in Europe. 

• The Ambassador to Spain and Andorra Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón spoke of the teaching “vocation,” which is much more than a “profession.”

• The President of Castilla y León Alfonso Fernández Mañueco spoke of intercambios, tourism, and the many Spanish speakers in the world.

• The Keynote speaker, Director, Real Academia Espanola Santiago Munoz Machado spoke of how important it is to have a diologue between technology and the Spanish language.

• Additionally, there are great possibilities for the Spanish language. Furthermore, a responsibility exists to the human experience, because no one knows the future.

They discussed:
• Spanish is in an important position.
• The economic forces and economic potential for Spanish.
• The harmony which exists between English and Spanish in the USA.

Reception: AATSP Conference Travel Award Winners: Vista Higher Learning
Thank you so much! The NSE and Vista Senderos 1 make me a better teacher. We started Senderos this year with my Eighth Grade, after I took a great Spanish refresher course using Vista at the college level.

Day Two

June 27, 2023

The Rhythm is going to get you!
This class taught us ways to improve all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. God willing, I plan to use many of her suggestions. For example, white out the lyric spaces of Marc Antony’s, “Vivir mi vida” of the present indicative verbs. Have the students fill in the verb forms, then listen to the song for immediate feedback and self-correction. When working on the preterite, change the lyrics to past and have the students change the tense to present. Listen to the song again for immediate feedback and self-correction. My students and the Spanish speaking parents love “Vivir mi vida”, so this will be a fun way to work on verbs.

Palabras con Alma
This was a great reminder to teach positive words like: esperanza, diversión,  y amor with the students for all of our edification. 

Innovation in World languages through AATSP Teaching and Learning Resources
This was an excellent brainstorming session of how to make the teaching resources user friendly. I realized I need to utilize the AATSP YouTube channel, Gaming & Gamification, Archived Classroom Resources, and podcast categories on the website. 

Cómo presentar la gramática  en clase de ELE
Profesora María Dolores Iriarte Vanó, Universidad de Salamanca

The profesora gave us incredible presentation slides reviewing the Pretérito perfecto simple and the Pretérito imperfecto. This class was more for me than for my students. It was such an honor to be taught by a Salamanca University professor in Salamanca. Wow! Technically, I only teach the Simple Perfect Past to my Eighth Graders. We do not dabble much in the Imperfect unless reading texts.

However,  she says she uses the Centro Virtual Cervantes for her grammar questions. Now, I plan to do the same thing.

Day Three

June 28, 2023

Virtual Exchange Programs
From a high level, the pros of practicing oral skills virtually for students.

El Sello de Español Excelente
Reviewed their On-line and Study Abroad program at the University of Salamanca.

Thank you, Lisa, for the extra NSE tests, the 01 NSA, and the QR code of your presentation slides!

Joint Closing Panel and Session
The closing spoke of:

• The conference being the largest Spanish Conference in Europe
• The many differences in the Spanish language throughout the Spanish speaking world

Presidential Reception: Vino Español 
We all enjoyed local wine together.

Thank you again!

– Vera

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