Grammar Practice Exercises - Level 1


Nouns and articles

gender of nouns ending in -o, -a

number of nouns (making nouns plural)

diminutive ending -ito

possession of nouns (use of de + noun to express 's)

definite articles (el, la, los, las)

use of definite article with a title

use of definite article with days of the week to express "on"

contractions with "al" and "del"

indefinite articles (un, una, unos, unas)


agreement of adjectives: gender and number

• position

short form possessive

• ordinal numbers 1st - 10th

matching ordinal numbers

writing ordinal numbers

• cardinal numbers 1 - 100

writing numbers 1 -10

writing numbers 11 - 20

writing numbers 1 - 20

writing numbers 1 - 30

writing numbers 10 - 100

writing numbers 1 - 100

review of all Level 1 adjectives


subject-verb agreement

• present tense

regular -ar verbs

regular -er verbs

regular -ir verbs

all regular verbs in the present tense

stem-changing verbs (e-ie)

stem-changing verbs (o-ue)

stem-changing verbs (e-i)

all stem-changing verbs in the present tense

irregular verbs in the 1st person singular (yo form)

irregular verbs in the present tense

all irregular verbs in the present tense

all verbs in the present tense (combines all of the above)

• negation

ser vs. estar

idiomatic uses of tener = to be (calor, hambre, años)

• helping verbs: tener que, poder, querer

hacer used in weather expressions

present progressive

expressing the future with "ir + a + infinitive"


basic adverbs

adverbs of affirmation (sí, cómo no, por supuesto)

adverbs of negation (no, nada)

adverbs of time (tarde, siempre, ahora, hoy)

adverbs of place (aquí, allí)


subject pronouns

• direct object pronouns

• indirect object pronouns (used with gustar)


simple prepositions (de, a, en, con, para, sin, según, entre)

personal a


• simple conjunctions (y, o)


• simple interjections (¡Ay!, ¡Oye!)


question words

• word order of questions