Students with Special Needs - Time

Since NSE regularly monitors the time that students take to complete each section of the exam (40 minutes maximum on each test), it is imperative that NSE have a record of students who require extra time to complete the examination.


NSE honors requests from students for extended time on the National Spanish Examinations provided that (1) the student has documentation on file with the school that supports the need for extended time and (2) the student regularly is given extra time on classroom tests. The NSE has the right to request such documentation at any time, and schools must provide this information, if requested. Failure to provide documentation upon request will result in disqualification of the student's score. No formal application is required for this application.


The teachers of students who require extra time should e-mail the National Spanish Examinations Office (see the Contact Us page), using the following procedure:


  1. The subject line of the email should state teacher's NSE Registration Confirmation/Invoice number and the words "Extended Time". [example: 60763NQRE Extended Time]
  2. Include in the text of the e-mail:
    (A) Teacher's name and NSE Registration Confirmation/Invoice number
    (B) Name of student(s) and Level of student(s)

    Teacher: Kevin Cessna - Confirmation #60763NQRE
    Students requiring extra time:
    Monica Jones - Level 1
    John Smith - Level 3
    Alex Thompson - Level 3