Students with Special Needs-Presentation

These two types of students may need assistance with the Presentation of Test Directions and Questions:


Visually Impaired Students

Depending upon the nature of the impairment, there are several options for visually impaired students (large print, visual magnification, Braille).

NSE will work with the school's special education department to determine the means of presentation which is in the best interest of the student.


Hearing Impaired Students

Students who have a hearing impairment may request a script for the listening portion of the proficiency part of the examination.

NSE's policy is to provide a script only if the school has a qualified person to provide transliteration.

* Transliteration is defined as the process of taking a message and expressing it in a different form of the same language (signing/lip reading in Spanish).



To apply for accommodations and/or modifications in presentation, please fill out the Application For Modifications.