Homeschool Students

Homeschool students are eligible to take the National Spanish Examinations provided that:

  1. The homeschool teacher makes arrangements for his/her student(s) to take the exam under the supervision of a sponsoring Spanish teacher. (The sponsoring Spanish teacher is defined as a Spanish teacher in an accredited institution who regularly administers the NSE).
  2. Each student taking the exam at the sponsoring school is adequately proctored.

These requirements ensure that no one can challenge the exam results of any student(s).



  • It is the responsibility of the homeschool teacher to find a sponsoring teacher in an accredited institution (called the sponsoring school).
  • The homeschool students must take the exam at the sponsoring school when the sponsoring teacher administers the exam to his/her students.

If the Homeschool teacher needs assistance finding a sponsoring teacher, he/she should call the National Spanish Exam office at (219) 465-2100.



Neither the homeschool teacher nor the sponsoring teacher should register any homeschool students.

  • The Homeschool teacher should first fill out the Homeschool Application Form.  This form must be sent via email to the NSE as a record of all students who will be taking the NSE in the sponsoring school.
  • Once the Homeschool Application Form has been completed, the Homeschool Coordinator (staff member in the NSE office) will oversee that registration of homeschool students is completed correctly
  • On or about February 22, the sponsoring teacher will receive a list of usernames and passwords for all students registered.  It will be the job of the NSE Administrator to send out username(s) and passwords(s) of student(s) to the Proctoring Teacher


NOTE:  The deadline for homeschool applications is January 15.


Submit the completed Homeschool Application form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • The sponsoring teacher must familiarize him/herself with the test administration procedures and be able to log in to the master Quia account.  This account is primarily used to add an attempt should a student have problems during the test. 


  • All test results will be sent to the sponsoring teacher whose responsibility it will be to forward individual results to homeschool teacher. 


Payment for the Exam:
The cost per student for homeschool teachers and students will be the same as the cost for all other teachers and their students.

 Cost per teacher

The teacher fee to give the National Spanish Exam is $75.  However, if the homeschool teacher is a member of the AATSP, then the teacher fee is waived, as giving the National Spanish Exam is a benefit of AATSP membership. 

 Cost per student

The cost per student is a $5 national fee per student.