Scoring - Raw Scores & Percentiles


Interested in knowing how the National Spanish Examinations are scored?


View this PDF document to learn how to interpret your NSE results!



National Spanish Examinations - Reports


After the close of the exam window teachers will receive the following reports via email.  These reports disaggregate data in various ways so that teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses of individual students for specific standards, measurement categories, and learner outcomes; show growth from one year to the next; and/or report other variables as needed.



Percentile Report for Individual Measurement Categories


This reports itemizes raw scores and their percentile conversions for all students in the class for the following measurement categories: Vocabulary, Grammar, Interpretive Reading, Interpretive Listening.

This reports also lists the medal placement category: oro, plata, bronce, honorífica.




Percentage Report for Learner Outcomes in Interpretive Communication


This report lists percentages for all students in the class for specific learner outcomes in Interpretive Communication.




Student Report Cards


This report is an individual document that can be printed for each student and shows raw scores and national percentile rankings for all measurement category as well as percentages for each leaner outcome in Interpretive Communication (click the link above or the example photo below for a PDF version).




* Note:  For privacy purposes, reports are ONLY sent to the teachers of record who administered the National Spanish Exam to those students. 



Student Errors in Category Declarations


When a student declares an incorrect category, the test results are still valid but they are unofficial. The student did not do anything which invalidated the answers to the actual test; however, because the scores are in the incorrect category, they must be removed.


Teachers can still recognize their students and award the appropriate certificate (Oro, Plata, Bronce, Mención Honorífica) by comparing the student's scores to the percentile chart for the correct category posted at


Unfortunately, because the student did not declare the correct category, the score cannot be added to the official results and the NSE Office is not able to change the category declared by students.


Students that do not declare a category will not be recognized on the official list of winners at the national level and their scores will be disqualified from the competition (as stated in the Exam Administration Instructions given to all teachers and at the beginning of each test where students were prompted to declare their categories).