October 2022

This October 2022 Shout-Out goes to Señora Janete Waldorf, a teacher from Usher-Collier Heights Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia!


Assistant Principal Pamela Hurt says that, "Ms. Janete A. Waldorf has been teaching twenty-five years at different grade levels in public and private institutions in the United States, Perú, and Venezuela. Ms. Waldorf was born in Lima, Perú, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree after she double majored in Philosophy, and Spanish Literature and Language. She also received a Master of Arts degree in Spanish and ESOL endorsement from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms. Waldorf has been working with Atlanta Public Schools at Usher-Collier Heights Elementary School for the last six years. She is an insightful, motivated bilingual educator with a passion for teaching language and appreciation of foreign cultures. She is confident in her abilities to guide her students at Usher-Collier Heights to grow in their knowledge, independent thinking, and self confidence in expressing themselves in a new language.  As a result of her commitment and implementation of instructional best practices, Usher-Collier was only 1 of 3 schools in the state of Georgia, with scholars in grades two, three, and four, to compete in the National Spanish Challenge winning ribbons in Divisions A & B.  Ms. Waldorf enjoys motivating young people to be contributors to their community as she prepares them to make their way in a competitive multicultural society.


Thank you, Señora Waldorf, for everything you do for your students!


¡Todos a una! Todos por um! 


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