May 2022

This May Shout-Out is dedicated to our wonderful Elementary & Middle School students that have participated in both the 2022 National Spanish Challenge and the NSC's first annual Concurso Colorido!


A big Congratulations to our first place winner, Lily Bennett, from Mrs. Lutton's class at Gerstell Academy!! 


- Después de haber recibido varias magníficas obras de arte, el NSE les agradezcan a todos los participantes del primer anual Desafio Nacional de Español ¡Concurso Colorido!

- After many wonderful artworks were submitted, the NSE would like to thank all of the participants of the first annual National Spanish Challenge Coloring Contest! (Click here to see all 3 winners!)


 ¡Todos a una! Todos por um!


(Click here to view the YouTube Announcement)