March 2022

This March 2022 NSE Shout-Out goes to our Teacher Scholarship Winner:

Señora Colleen Vallin, from Pioneer Ridge Middle School in Chaska, Minnesota!


“I am very proud of the work I have done with the Pulsera Project in my school community over the past four years. Hosting the Pulsera Project at my middle school has provided my students with an amazing cultural education experience that allows them to not only learn about Nicaraguan and Guatemalan culture, but truly connect with the people of Central America. I am excited about the opportunity to become more involved with the project.

As a dedicated educator, avid traveler, and learner of languages I have experienced how intercultural exchange changes your perspective of the world. As a teacher I have worked hard to make sure all of my students have the opportunity to become active global citizens. The Pulsera Project has been a great resource to continue this mission of promoting global exchange, awareness, and service with my students… I have never traveled to any of the countries that the Pulsera Project works in. I would love to learn more about the artists and their communities, and the amazing work they are doing with the Pulsera Project so that I can share that experience with my students and my fellow educators.

This first-hand experience will allow me to become an even stronger advocate for the Pulsera Project. I would love to help create more authentic activities for my students and to share with my fellow educators through the Pulsera Project. I can already envision lessons on weaving, a digital walking tour of Antigua, interviews with community leaders, and so much more! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will enrich my learning, my teaching practice, and my own traveler's spirit.”



Thank you, Señora Vallin, for everything that you do for your students.

We are thrilled to offer you this amazing opportunity with the Pulsera Project this summer!!


¡Todos a una! Todos por um! 


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