February 2022

This February 2022 Shout-Out goes to Señora Joanne Barry, a teacher from Lexington High School in Lexington, Massachusetts!


Ryan Casey, a colleague, says that, "Joanne Barry recently celebrated three decades in the classroom. She is a dedicated Spanish teacher whose high standards motivate her students & colleagues. She never wavers from her high expectations, which come with kindness & steadfast support. She is exemplary at designing lessons that segway seamlessly & cleverly between ideas to create meaningful learning experiences. Joanne explores new pedagogies without compromising what she knows is best for her students. When a question or conflict arises, she immediately sees to the heart of the matter. When I struggle with structuring an assessment or student conflicts, I know that Joanne will offer clear, thoughtful advice that comes from both the wisdom of experience & a pragmatic mindset. She exudes a calm voice of reason that has been vital throughout the pandemic (during which her passion for teaching has only increased)! Our conversations leave me feeling enlightened and often inspired by a particular phrase or expression she used that I then incorporate into my own teaching. Joanne is a Teacher's Teacher, and at the same time, she is always present for her students. I am so fortunate to work alongside Joanne, learn from her, & share a love of Gran Hotel and Velvet." 


Thank you, Señora Barry, for everything you do for your students!


¡Todos a una! Todos por um! 


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