NSC Content & Practice

NSC Content & Practice

Format & Content

The National Spanish Challenge has different types of questions in Five (5) individual sections.

Free Practice Resources (Public Access)

  • NSC Vocabulary Practice
  • Instructors will have more access to practice materials on their Lingco Language Lab dashboards!

Lingco Language Labs

This academic year, the National Spanish Examinations has switched exam platforms from Quia (IXL Learning) to Lingco Language Labs (learn more). Why is this exciting? There are many reasons! 

  • Lingco Language Labs has practice content pre-loaded for our teachers and students. This means that after registration, everyone will have adequate time to familiarize themselves with the new platform and practice materials. 
  • There are also mini practice exams available on Lingco!
  • Unlike Quia's previously available practice exams that did not save any student data, with Lingco teachers can now track (1) student class engagement, (2) student progress, (3) student strengths, & (4) student weaknesses. 
  • In the past, many teachers enjoyed using the practice games offered by Quia. The NSE has received many requests to offer these games again but could not as Quia did not produce them. With Lingco, practice games are back!