NPE Registration


Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes. To ensure that students are enrolled in the registering teacher's class, the NPE Director reserves the right to request that each participating teacher submit an official class list signed by an administrator.

NPE Registration

Each teacher should register online only once. Click on the image below to register!

Click on the box below to Register


Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes. (For extenuating circumstances, please contact our office.)


Students: The cost is $5 per student. 

Teachers: Teachers who administer the NPE must be current members of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese (AATSP). For current members of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), there is no cost per teacher because giving any of our exams is a benefit of AATSP Membership.



Payment Option 1: Check

Teachers may mail a copy of the e-mail invoice (from Step Two) along with a Check made payable to NATIONAL SPANISH EXAMINATIONS to:

     National Spanish Examinations
     160 Rail Road - Suite 3

     Chesterton, IN 46304


Payment Option 2: Credit Card

(Visa, Mastercard, & Discover only

Teachers can click the button below to pay by credit card.

The link will take them to our Payment Page where teachers will be asked to put in the amount shown in their invoice and their confirmation number.


To use our online payment system, use a modern web browser. All registration invoices must be over $10.00 to be paid online.

Note: The NSE is not able to accept purchase orders.