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The National Portuguese Exam (NPE) is an online test that engages students in achievement (what a student knows) and performance (what a student is able to do).

 The NPE is intended for Middle School and High School students of Portuguese.

 There are four Competition Levels for students to participate in (Levels 1-4).


The NPE is intended as motivational, extra-curricular activity and contest for students of members of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese (AATSP).

The NPE is designed for the purposes of assessment, placement, and proficiency testing of students studying the Portuguese language. 

Exam Format & Length

The NPE has two parts: Achievement and Proficiency. Each part is given a 40-minute-period to complete (for an overall time allowance of 80 minutes).

The format & length of the National Portuguese Examinations for all levels (1-4) is as follows:

- Achievement Exam (vocabulary & grammar) is 40 minutes.

- Proficiency Exam (reading & listening) is 40 minutes.


Click here for a more detailed chart of the Format and Length of the National Portuguese Examinations.

Test Content & Practice

The Achievement part assesses accuracy in vocabulary and grammar.

The Performance part assesses interpretive communication such as reading and listening comprehension.

NPE Competition Levels & Categories

NPE Competition Levels

For assistance deciding the level in which to register your students, here is a guide of Instructional Hours and Proficiency. Please also click on the image below for detailed specifications for each level of examination that is offered for the NPE. 

NPE Competition Categories

In order to allow students with like-exposure to compete against one another, the NSE has defined Three Categories of exam competition for the National Portuguese Exam.

For examples and more details regarding each category of competition, click here.   

 1. Classroom Experience
A student whose only contact with Portuguese is in the classroom.
2. Outside Experience 
A student who has had specific experiences with Portuguese beyond the classroom.
3. Bilingual

A student who comes from a home where Portuguese is the predominant language.

Teacher Discretion!

Certain language experiences may place a student in either the outside experience category or in the bilingual category. The teacher should advise the student as to which category is appropriate.
Native Speakers
Native Portuguese-speakers should compete in the Bilingual Category only. The teacher may need to evaluate the appropriate Competition Level of the NPE for these students to maintain the integrity of the National Portuguese Exam.

 For questions and special circumstances, please contact us

NPE Results & Prizes

Results & Prizes

Teachers are expected to receive National Percentile results for their students on or about May 1st, 2023. 

The National Office also offers medals, certificates, and scholarship opportunities to students that place above the 75th percentile on the NPE AND to teachers that administer our exams! Learn more. 

NPE Test Development

Get to know the NPE Exam Writers: Meet Our Staff

 Dr. Celia R. Bianconi 

 Co-Director of Test Development This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Nilma Dominique 

Co-Director of Test Development This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lisa Greenman

Director of National Spanish & Portuguese Examinations

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