Student Accommodations

 The NSE is committed to helping students with disabilities receive appropriate modifications when taking any of our National Examinations.

 Here is the Modifications Application form that needs to be filled out by December15th

Students with a documented disability may be eligible for modifications on any of the exams given by the National Spanish Examinations as long as:

  1. The student has documentation on file at school that supports the need for the requested modification. This documentation does not need to be submitted to the NSE, unless specifically requested by the NSE.
  2. The student regularly uses these modifications for tests in the classroom. 

There are three (3) types of modifications available via the National Spanish Examinations Office:
1 - Presentation If a student requires a modification in how the test material is presented to them (i.e. visual magnification, Braille, signing / transliteration)
2 - Response If a student requires a modification in how they submit answers on the test (i.e. answers need to be dictated to a scribe)
3 - Time If a student requires a modification in the amount of time they need to complete a test

The Application for Modifications deadline for Student Modifications is December 15th.

  1. Presentation Accommodations

These two types of students may need assistance with the Presentation of Test Directions and Questions:

Visually Impaired Students

Depending upon the nature of the impairment, there are several options for visually impaired students (large print, visual magnification, Braille).

NSE will work with the school's special education department to determine the means of presentation which is in the best interest of the student.

Hearing Impaired Students

Students who have a hearing impairment may request a script for the listening portion of the proficiency part of the examination.

NSE's policy is to provide a script only if the school has a qualified person to provide transliteration.

* Transliteration is defined as the process of taking a message and expressing it in a different form of the same language (signing/lip reading in Spanish).

  1. Response Accommodations

Some students may require special modifications in how they submit answers for the test. NSE will work with the school's Special Education Department to determine the means of response which is in the best interest of the student.

There are Two Options for Student Response:

1 - The student can dictate their own answers to a qualified scribe provided by the school.

2 - The student can submit their answers directly on a printed version of the test.

  1. Time Accommodation Requests

Since NSE regularly monitors the time that students take to complete each section of the exam (40 minutes maximum on each test), it is imperative that NSE have a record of students who require extra time to complete the examination.

NSE honors requests from students for extended time on the National Spanish Examinations provided that (1) the student has documentation on file with the school that supports the need for extended time and (2) the student regularly is given extra time on classroom tests. The NSE has the right to request such documentation at any time, and schools must provide this information if requested. Failure to provide documentation upon request will result in disqualification of the student's score. 

Requesting Additional Time

Teachers with only one student requiring Time Accommodations should fill out the Modifications Application

Teachers with multiple students that require extra time should use the following procedure.

E-mail the National Spanish Examinations Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with the following:

  1. The subject line of the email should state teacher's NSE Registration Confirmation/Invoice number and the words "Extended Time". [example: E60763NQRE Extended Time]
  2. Include in the text of the e-mail:
    (A) Teacher's name and NSE Registration Confirmation/Invoice number
    (B) Name of student(s) and Level of student(s)

    Teacher: Kevin Cessna - Confirmation #60763NQRE
    Students requiring extra time:
    Monica Jones - Level 1
    John Smith - Level 3
    Alex Thompson - Level 3