Test Dates and Proctoring the NSE

When is the National Spanish Examination Administered?

Teachers may administer the NSE between March 1st and April 15th.


To select the correct testing date, each school should count back 10 weeks from the last academic week of the school year and test during that week. Due to the differences in the closing dates of schools across the country, counting back 10 weeks allows all students to have the same amount of instructional time before taking the National Spanish Examination.

Schools on Spring block scheduling where one year of traditional instruction is completed in one semester should administer the examination 5 weeks prior to the close of the academic year provided that testing is completed by April 15th.


All testing must be completed by April 15th.





If you or your students have technological difficulties during the administration of any National Exam, contact us

Additional Attempts given to students without permission from the National Office will automatically disqualify their examination. 


Instructions on how to Add an Attempt can be found on this PDF (How to Add Additional Attempts) or on this YouTube video: Additional Attempts

Please be prepared to provide the following information to the National Office via email: 


  • Student Full Name: 
  • Student Quia Username: 
  • Browser used: 
  • Platform used: Laptop, iPad, desktop..?  
  • Make & model of platform: 
  • The username associated with the Quia Instructor Account: 
  • Brief description of situation/problem: 


Quia Customer Support Information

Phone: (855)255-6676 ext. 4029

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What are the hardware and software requirements needed to administer the exam?

National Spanish Exams has contracted with Quia Corporation to deliver practice exams and the online exam. In order to take the exam, each student must have use of a personal computer that has access to the Internet. Each computer station should have:

1 - Sound in order to complete the listening sections of the exam and

2 - A set of headphones so that students may hear the audio portion of the exam. (If schools do not have enough headphones, ask students to bring headphones which should work with most computer systems.)

3 - A browser that does not automatically translate the page.  Click here for instructions on disabling translation features.



All computers which will be used by students to deliver the National Spanish Examinations must be tested by completing one of the Online Practice Examinations. The online practice should be completed well in advance of the test date in order to allow time to correct any technical problems with software and/or hardware. NSE will issue no refunds for hardware and/or software that does not operate correctly on test day. Since the National Spanish Examinations have the same hardware and software requirements as the Online Practice Examinations, there should be no problems in administering the actual examinations if there were no problems in delivering the practice examinations.


A teacher should print out the System Requirements from Quia for the computer technician in his/her school to ensure all software and hardware components are compatible with the Quia format.



Special Circumstances


Schools having an insufficient number of computers to administer exams to all students at once may administer the exam to a small number of students over a longer period of time.


Schools with insufficient hardware or software requirements can choose to administer the exam in another location. Where possible, schools should arrange for their own alternative site. If necessary, contact the local coordinator and/or the national office who will be happy to help these schools find an alternative location.



Exam Proctors


All National Spanish Examinations must be administered in an accredited institution under the supervision of an appropriate proctor. An appropriate proctor is generally the teacher of record who has registered the participating students.


Note: Virtual and Homeschool students are eligible for the National Spanish Examination. Click here to learn how virtual and homeschool students can take the NSE.





Prohibition of Aids


During the administration of the National Spanish Examinations, the use of scrap paper, notes (online or written), a dictionary, online translator, cell phones and any similar device is strictly prohibited.

Visual aids such as charts, posters and diagrams must be completely covered or removed from walls / bulletin boards during testing. 

The use of any such aids will result in disqualification of the student’s score.