Exam Format and Length

The format and length of the National Spanish Examinations for all levels (01-6) is as follows:


  • Achievement exam (vocabulary and grammar) is 40 minutes.


  • Proficiency exam (reading and listening) is 40 minutes.


Click here for a more detailed chart of the Format and Length of the National Spanish Examinations.






  1. Most teachers choose to give the Achievement exam and the Proficiency exam on two separate days during the normal class period.  The days do not have to be consecutive.

  2. If teachers have students who are sick on the day of the administration of the exam, the teacher may administer the exam to the students as long as the exam window is still open.

  3. Teachers should allow an additional five (5) minutes for students to fill out the student information section on the Achievement part of the test.




If you or your students have technological difficulties during the administration of any National Exam, contact us


Additional Attempts given to students without permission from the National Office will automatically disqualify their examination. 


Instructions on how to Add an Attempt can be found on this PDF (How to Add Additional Attempts) or on this YouTube video: Additional Attempts


Please be prepared to provide the following information to the National Office via email: 


  • Student Full Name: 
  • Student Quia Username: 
  • Browser used: 
  • Platform used: Laptop, iPad, desktop..?  
  • Make & model of platform: 
  • The username associated with the Quia Instructor Account: 
  • Brief description of situation/problem: 


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