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The NSE Office is continually ensuring that teachers receive their Results & Medals/Ribbons. 

*For security purposes, the NSE Office only sends results to the Teacher of Record or the Head of the Department. In the event of special circumstances, please Contact Us


The NSE gives teachers the ability to recognize their students' achievements by providing Certificates of Recognition for students that place on the National Spanish Exam and/or the National Portuguese Exam in GoldSilverBronze, and/or Mención Honorífica (Honorable Mention)!



Printable Certificates for NSE winners are available to AATSP Members on the AATSP Website. Read the instructions below to find out how to access them! 

  • Go to and sign in
  • Under “My Profile” click on “Profile Home
  • Look for NSE SPONSORS which gives you access to downloadable, editable, & printable certificates! 
  • Click here for a visual guide.



National Spanish Exam (NSE) Certificates

Click on the buttons below to download the editable certificates.

NSE Participation Certificate

NSE 2023 Printable Certificate 


National Portuguese Exam (NPE)

Click on the buttons below to download the editable certificates.

NPE Participation Certificate

NPE 2023 Printable Certificate



National Spanish Challenge (NSC) Certificates 

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Ribbon Winners

NSC 2023 Printable Ribbon Certificate


Participation Certificate

NSC 2023 Printable Certificate

For teachers looking for Certificates of Recognition for the National Spanish Assessments (NSA), they will continue to be available on the NSA Overview page here until further notice.