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AATSP News: NSE Year End


The NSE is proud to announce that over 73,000 students across the nation took the National Spanish Exam this 2021-2022 academic year. 


 Congratulations to all of our k-12 Teachers and Students of the Spanish & Portuguese languages!




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2 de mayo de 2022: Certificates & Medals
27 de abril de 2022: Results
4 de abril de 2022: Scores & More
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Student Feedback

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Strategic Alliance with Avant

The National Spanish Examinations is a Program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.


The AATSP and Avant Assessment (a leader in language proficiency assessment and professional learning training) have a Strategic Alliance that benefits our Teachers and Students! That's right - you can learn how to get the State or Global Seal of Biliteracy!


For more information about what the AATSP and Avant offer, check out this AATSP Press Release


NSE Cycle Guide

Last Day to Test: April 15th




States that Participate!






Webinars & More!

 The NSE National Office will be open longer for you! Our hours are now 8am-4:30pm (Central)!




December 8th 2021 Webinar with Lingco Language Labs:

Learn how to use Lingco Practice to prepare your students for our assessments!


< Click the flyer to access the recorded webinar on YouTube! 


Click this link to watch a short Introduction to Lingco NSE Practice video.







December 15th 2021 Webinar with Flangoo:

Learn how to use Flangoo to prepare your students for our assessments! 


< Click the flyer to access the recorded webinar on YouTube!






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National Spanish Exams







2022 Events


The NSE worked with Barnes & Noble to Support the Spanish Club at Valparaiso High School!


Barnes & Noble generously created a special voucher (valid only from February 12-14th, 2022) with a barcode that accrued funds to support Spanish Club students with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES or FEES for purchasers!




Florida AATSP (FAATSP) Virtual Teacher Conference 2022



Familiarize yourself with The Pulsera Project!

We are working together to send Ms. Colleen Vallin to Guatemala in the Summer of 2022 as she has won the scholarship!







Concordia Language Villages is hosting Virtual and Residential Camps for Spanish and Portuguese students! We are working together to send our students to their immersion camps in the Summer of 2022. 

Learn more about Concordia Language Villages

 Main Page

Spanish Immersion Opportunities: El Lago del Bosque

Portuguese Immersion Opportunities: Mar e Floresta




The AATSP's Annual Conference in 2022 will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico! We're bringing teachers with us! 







Every year, the NSE National Office sends Juniors abroad to deepen their language proficiencies and cultural awareness! In the Summer of 2022, students will travel to Puerto Rico with this Scholarship for Juniors!







Seniors: Apply for a scholarship to help you through your post-secondary academic endeavors! 







Our PO Box address has changed!


2. Formal Letter Example Regarding: Change in Address Please use the following address to send invoice payments  and any other correspondence with the NSE National Office:

 National Spanish Examinations

 1070 S. Calumet Rd.

 PO Box 1059

 Chesterton, IN 46304

Thank you!